Yoga For School, Clubs and Organisations

Yoga can be used to great advantage in businesses, schools, clubs and other organisations. Teams and units under pressure can be hugely supported by yoga and there is an added benefit of team building if the entire team practices together, and a loyalty component if the yoga was supplied for the team by the company.

For example for a team of front line carers, a morning yoga course with a working lunch followed by 4 weekly yoga classes is a cost effective way to have lasting positive input to the team. 

In the work place we find that the enhanced clarity brought about by a regular employer promoted Yoga practice manifests itself in 
• Improved employee productivity
• Improved employee health
• Reduced Absenteeism
• Improved decision making 
• Improved creativity
• More effective stress management
• Improved morale
• More positive atmosphere 

Clearly benefits such as these will positively impact your bottom line and pay for the cost of implementation many times over 

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