Stress/Performance Management Classes

With his management and corporate experience and yoga background Tadhg is uniquely placed to understand the pressures of today’s work environment and to provide practical solutions not only for dealing with stress but also for increasing stamina and concentration and maximizing executive performance.

• A series of 3 one hour private customised sessions at Yogaontrack can be  scheduled
 to suit even the most aggressively timetabled!  Based on Yoga and  Mindfulness components it includes the following 
• Stress explained 
• Coping mechanisms to use when things are difficult
• Preventative methods
• Undoing the effects of Stress
• Courses can also be tailored for groups and teams at Yogaontrack or at your premises.
• The series can also include time management concepts drawn from Tadhg's considerable experience as a senior manager. Combining goal setting, Time management and Yoga is a very powerful combination which achieves results.
• While it is possible to run stress management modules at your premises it is better if they take place off site at arms length from the source of the stress and out of sight of curious colleagues.

To Book contact Tadhg on 087 2336164 or email [email protected]