Typical Schedule

Typical Schedule is as follows:
Welcome and settle in     10:00am
Morning Yoga Cass         10:15am
Light Vegetarian Lunch    12:30pm
Afternoon Yoga Class       1:30pm
Cup of tea and chat*         3:30pm
*(Optional if you have time!)



Limerick Yoga Day And Weekend Courses


Day and Saturday morning practices are running regularly. Contact Tadhg for dates

Some times we run a two day deeper yoga 'weekend' which is not residential. This is a chance to deepen your practice without too much time away from home commitment. Each day is designed as a stand alone course. The Saturday will cover gentler practices suitable for beginners and those in the first or second term. The Sunday will include sun salutations and will be stronger. Each day will include a long Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation) and Pranayama (Working through the Breath) practice. 


Yoga weekend courses provide, a longer and more refreshing escape from daily routine, the opportunity to work in detail with the physical body, a chance to deepen the experience of the breath and also to extend or initiate the practice of meditation. They are a positive escape.

On these longer yoga courses here is no pressure to experience anything other than a wonderful relaxing break and remember any work you do on the deeper self always remains private and confidential to yourself.

• The practices will be different on each day for those who might like to attend both days. 

• Choose the day that suits you or do both if you feel like having the deeper benefits of a longer yoga weekend course but don't feel you can be away from home for that long. 

• Light vegetarian lunch will be served both days. 

• Note the Saturday is open to all. The Sunday is for students who are familiar with the Sun Salutation sequence.